Various Types Of Printers

Printers have become increasingly common in both households and in offices. However they do come in different sizes and shapes and are all suited to a specific purpose. Here are some of the types of printers available.


Probably the most common household owned printers, inkjet are some of the cheapest printers you can find on the market. They function by spraying bubbles of ink onto the paper to print out the desired document. Although they are cheap, the high end printers are capable of producing very good quality printouts for both images and documents. Another benefit is that the cartridges can be replaced easily and are cheap to purchase.


3-Dimensional Printers

Using a 3D printer Dubai you can will be able to print out objects that you design. Although technically it is more of a form of manufacturing, rather that printing, it gets the name since just like any word document, you can create the design for the object and then send it for the print job. This will require that you have computer aided designing software (CAD) to design the object that you will want to print. Furthermore you will also be limited in size according to the size of the printing space. Nevertheless you can print out even large objects by segmenting them into parts and then later assembling them together. The finished product will be made of a special type of plastic and you will be limited in the number of colours to choose from since it depends on the ink that you use.

Custom printers

These printers are used to print onto specific objects. Some such examples are printing decals on a T-shirt or printing onto a mug, keychain, etc. However if you require customized printing Dubai on a less frequent basis or a one-time task, then it is better you seek out a company that will do this for you as getting one of these custom printers could be expensive.

Laser printer

If you require documents and images produced at a very high quality, then a laser printer is the way to go. These use laser technology which significantly increases the resolution of the printed document. As an added benefit it is also much faster than regular inkjet printers and would not be prone to any smudging once it is printed. The drawbacks of such printers is their price point as they are significantly more expensive than inkjet printers and would cost a lot more to replace the cartridges which uses a special ink called toner.
Therefore, when selecting a printer always decide beforehand the purpose of the printer and how frequently you will be using it.