The roof access offer services according to the customers need

The Brisbane roof access hatches are specially designed and installed all the types of the roof and the attic access ladders and hatches all over the Brisbane for any circumstances. The Roof access hatch systems are specialized in both, the external as well as the internal ladder system and that includes the fold down ladder systems also.All of our systems are made from the aluminium as well as they can also supply the stainless steel ladders also according to the requirement of the customer. For that purpose only, the Brisbane based team designed the custom made permanent roof solution for the building.  The  roof design taking place in the consideration of the building’s shape and  height along with the reason for access. The part of the design process is, the fall prevention specialists will complete the risk of assessment and takes into consideration of the various ranges of issues that must be addressed to have the complaint access ladder or the hatch system.


Safety measures

The work health as well as the safety act is required for the highest level of protection and it is always implemented to control the hazard. Whereas, this safety measure of the Roof access hatch  system which includes the designing from one level to the another level where there is a risk of the fall and these types of risks include the stairs, step type, vertical, access bracket and ladder dock. Whereas, many workplaces are installed with the lower level of control, even if the higher level has been available. Though, they installed with the lower level of protection for saving the money and this small savings is also more helpful when they facing the large fines and the payouts for the workers who has been injured themselves by using the roof hatch system.