Seeking justice under defacto relationship law

Laws regarding relationships are of utmost importance in any country in the globe, as these laws ensure fairness, justice, equal rights, and protection of citizen’s rights and also prevent exploitation of the parties concerned. One such law is the defacto relationship law. Let us learn more about defacto relationship law


Definitions of defacto relationship law

Till some time ago, the term ‘defacto relationships’ has been little arbitrary as it was confusing as to what it relates to and what it constitutes. Thus, those involved in such a relationship should acquire proper knowledge about the law concerning the relationship so that if any dispute arises, they can approach the authorities.

A defacto relationship is defined as a relationship between two people who are above 18 years and are not related by family but they live as a couple and their relationship stands on domestic basis. This is the definition stated under the De facto Relationships Act 2011.

The law can be of help when a property dispute arises amongst two people involved in a de facto relationship. Thus, they can pursue the case as any legally married couples could. The law also applies to same sex couples.

It is best to take the help of lawyers who are experienced in the de facto relationship law as they can deliver results faster and more fairly. Also, in terms of de facto relationship law, there can be several clauses that might prove to help the person concerned and this can be brought into light by experienced lawyers in the field. Court matters can be quite confusing and lengthy and thus it is always better to have someone help you out. They can also help you understand the law better so that you are aware of all the clauses in it. De facto relationship law is an attempt to bring everybody on par with the justice system and if you are in such a relationship, you should make the law your friend.